Neighborhood preservation and relations between neighbors are encouraged in many of the Twin Cities and surrounding communities. Maintaining properties in good condition helps neighborhoods maintain attractive housing and reduces the risk of crime while attracting responsible new homeowners.

The purpose of the city housing inspections are to provide a method in which to prevent adverse conditions and help maintain the value of existing properties. Each city has their own ordinances and compliances, please see below information and click on the city logo for direct access to the city website.

Know Your City

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The City of Albertville requires all vacant properties to be registered.


The City of Anoka requires all properties in the city that are foreclosed or vacant to be registered.

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The City of Bloomington Time-of-Sale Program provides potential purchasers with information about the condition of a dwelling.

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The City of Coon Rapids requires a Water Restoration Inspection if the property is vacant and water services have been turned off at the curb.


The City of Golden Valley requires all properties to pass a sanitary sewer inspection prior to being advertised for sale.


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The City of Hopkins Building Code Inspection program inspects all new or remodeled buildings to ensure they meet state building code.

City of Woodbury.jpg         The City of Maplewood requires a Truth-in-Housing inspection be completed on single-family, duplexes, condos & townhomes before a property is listed or shown.

city_of_min_logo.jpg     The Truth-in-Sale of Housing ordinance in the City of Minneapolis is meant to provide accurate information on the condition of property for sale.

City of New Hope.jpg     The City of New Hope Point of Sale Inspection is required prior to the sale of any residential property, including single-family, condominiums, townhomes, and apartment buildings.

richfield_9.jpg       The City of Richfield requires all single family and two family homes (including condominiums) to be inspected prior to sale.



The City of Robbinsdale's Point of Sale requires a disclosure report to be prepared by an independent certified evaluator (hired by the seller).

st-louis-park-minnnesota.png The City of St. Louis Park requires property inspections whenever a property is sold or ownership is transferred.

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The City of St. Paul requires all single family and duplex homes for sale in the city to have a Truth-in-Sale of Housing disclosure report prepared and available for prospective buyers.

south st paul.png When a homeowner is preparing to sell their property they must have a Time-of-Sale Evaluation report on site when showing the property.  This property includes single family residences, two-family, multiple-family dwellings and mobile homes located within the City.
Garth Johnson
Garth Johnson